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Have just finished my PPL training at The Flight Centre. I had one on one attention from my flight instructor who helped me all the way, from all the knowledge subjects, through to my flight training and general flight test.

I highly recommend The Flight Centre as a flight training school and I will be back again to continue my flying.

Mr. Beardsall,

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Pilot Training + PPL Training for PPL Licence on South Yorkshire East Midlands Border at the modern Gamston (Retford) Airfield

The Flight Centre is equipped to meet the needs from the absolute beginner who has the dream to learn to fly to gain their PPL Licence at our Flight School for pilot training, to the well seasoned pilot who wants to extend their skills. From basic visual flying through to night rating and instrument training in a fleet of well maintained, clean aeroplanes, based on the Nottinghamshire / South Yorkshire border at Retford

Imagine taking your friends to France or The Channel Islands for lunch or to fly at night with the great thrill to arrive at a new destination in charge of a real aircraft. It has never been more enjoyable to become a pilot. All you need is to be enthusiastic, prepared to take time for PPL Training, aged over 16 years of age and you too can discover the thrill of flying an aircraft. Taking flying lessons and earning your pilots licence is not as challenging as it may seem, obtaining your pilots licence and learning to fly is one of the most rewarding accomplishments. It opens up a world of new possibilities, as simple as flying to the beach, in less than an hour or starting to track to an exciting career in aviation. We offer a spacious learning environment with the comforts of a modern training facility at our Flying School. The Flight Centre provides flying lessons for the one on one training sessions to accelerate training students here in the East Midlands. You will be greeted by friendly, knowledgeable staff members at all points of your training. Your success is our success. We look forward to your enquiry.

Training for your Private Pilots Licence (PPL Licence) at a superb modern airfield will isn't the only thing we do

The PPL licence entitles you to act in pilot command on any single engine piston aircraft that has been registered in the EU community and to carry passengers on flights anywhere in the world. Your flight instructor will make sure that you do not develop any bad habits in the first hours of private pilot training, by carrying out your flying lessons in a professional manner, learning to fly in the Nottinghamshire region based on the East Midlands border near Retford. From making sure in the early stages of instruction that everything in your training programme from outside pre flight checks to flying the aircraft are carried out thoroughly and in a professional manner. You will need to obtain an initial JAR Class II medical examination prior to commencing the course and a CAA Class II medical certificate. We of course can help you with regard to this.


Our flying school, named The Flight Centre is ideally situated in the heart of the country in Northern Nottinghamshire on the East Midlands border with extremely good road networks for easy access, situated some five miles to the North East of Ollerton, just off the A1. Gamston airfield is very close to Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster, Chesterfield, Mansfield, Nottingham, South Yorkshire, Retford, Newark, Gainsborough and Lincoln, which are only a short journey away.

How long does training take?

Training times are usually controlled by two factors, weather and scheduling. Weather patterns are something you will learn about during training. While some PPL training can be completed on cloudy and rainy days, the majority of your flights will require good weather. Scheduled lessons are sometimes not able to be kept and this will extend training. Scheduling is a controlled by you. Our instructors work around your availability to ensure training is accomplished in a timely manner. If flying every day were possible then one could finish a PPL licence in as little as a month. But in the real world, with family and work, the training will typically take four to six months. Shorter time between lessons shortens the training time and of course, the opposite is true as well. Someone flying only once a week will take much longer.

How do I get started?

The best place to start, is to come to The Flight Centre and take a 'Discovery Flight' at our flying school in the East Midlands near to both Retford and Nottinghamshire. The flying school is also close to the South Yorkshire area. During this 30 to 35 minute flight, with one of our qualified instructors, you will get to see just how much fun flight training can be as we let you take the controls of the aircraft and let you fly the plane. After your first flight, we will sit down with you and plot your course to become a licensed pilot. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to give us a call or submit a message on the contact page.

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