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You were highly recommended by a colleague for my flight training - I'm half way through the PPL course and enjoying every minute.

My instructor Barry Thompson offers so much encouragement and enthusiasm. Very friendly school with immaculate well maintained aircraft.

Mark Huber,

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Flight School + Flying School on South Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, East Midlands Border at the modern Gamston (Retford) Airfield

Learn to fly

We pride ourselves in teaching students the art of flying safely & proficiently. Our instructors are all experienced pilots dedicated to build pilots and not time. We are here for the love of flying and passing that passion onto our students.

The magnificent new air traffic control centre and pilots lounge at Gamston Airport. We are very proud to be able to operate out of this very modern airport with the very latest professional facilities with state of the art hangerage and handling.

So, when it comes to pilot training there is a sure fire way to know that you are talking to a company with the right expertise here in the Midlands.

Pick up the phone and talk to our resident instructor who has many thousands of hours of professional flight training and we will do our best to answer any of your questions.

Theoretical Knowledge Subjects

  • Air Law - Rules and regulations, rules of the air, ATC regulations, JAR-FCAL and JAR-OPS requirements
  • Aeroplane General Knowledge - Air frame, power plant, systems, instruments, airworthiness
  • Flight Performance and Planning - W & B Performance
  • Human Performance and Limitations - Basic Physiology - Basic Physiology, Judgement and decision making
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation - map reading including radio navigation
  • Operational and Procedures - Under VFR, flight safety aspects
  • Principals of Flight
  • Communications - R/T Procedures for VFR including failure.

Theorecitacal Knowledge Examinations

  • 75% pass mark
  • Air Law 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Aeroplanes General Knowledge, Principles of Flight 2 hours
  • Flight Performance and Planning, Navigation, Meteorology, Operational Procedures - 2 Hours
  • Human Performance and Limitations - 2 Hours.

Time Limits

  • Theoretical Knowledge exams must be passed within a period of twelve months with the pass remaining valid for twenty four months
  • All exams must be passed before taking your skills test
  • The SKILLS TEST must be undertaken within six months of completing flying training and all sections of the test must be completed within six months.

This is a fabulous way to introduce someone that may want to take the first small step into aviation to learn to fly. A short trial flying lesson, lasts from 20 minutes in the air. During which time, your instructor will demonstrate to you, the controls of the aircraft and even allowing YOU to have full control of the aeroplane, on your first journey of learning to fly.

After the trial lesson, there will be a short flight briefing with your flight instructor to discuss all the aspects of the flight, flying above the East Midlands Nottinghamshire countryside. If you would be interested in buying a voucher, simply send us your details and we will send the voucher to you on how to receive your first trial lesson flight. Obviously, when the booking had been made, you will need to phone the club on the day to conform the weather conditions are suitable and that the flight can go ahead. Unfortunately we cant control the weather.

Contact us for information.

The Flight School based at Gamston North Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire Border is a superb facility and is an approved Civil Aviation Authority training organization. Their guidance for PPL Training and learning to fly is followed to the letter by us.

Our Flying School, with its purpose built facilities offers a range of excellent flying and training services, which we think you'll find second to none.

We offer modern fixed wing aereoplanes to learn to fly giving you an exhilarating experience. No waiting or queing for departures to get aloft - so less 'down' time and more 'air' time here at Gamston Airport Flight School!

Enjoy the thrill of flying over the most beautiful countryside above the South Yorkshire East Midlands Border. There's lots to see and do - great entertainment and night life - all within 30 minutes drive from the airport!

This website should provide you with all the information you need about the training and flying.

Learning at a busy airport will give confidence and experience to fly airport throughout the UK and abroad.

Gamston airport is open 8.00 til 6.00pm and has a nominated let down instrument procedure which can be used for pilot training.

Twin runway operations give a good grounding with out of wind landings.

Gamston Flight School has a wealth of experience of training pilots. The staff are well qualified and committed to your flight training. The instructors are not hour building for careers in the airlines.

Having flying lessons at our Flying School isn't the only thing we do - Try our Gift Vouchers

Do you know someone that's always wanted to give flying a try? There's nothing quite like experiencing the skies in a light aircraft.

We offer gift vouchers for trial lessons, which make an exciting gift and offer a perfect introduction to flying. Or, if you know someone that is already learning to fly then we can provide lesson vouchers towards their tuition fees.

Flight Centre 2010 Limited, Retford (Gamston) Airport, Retford, Nottinghamshire, DN22 0QL